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Professional Photography versus Amateur-how big is the difference?

 Many flat fee home sellers have a difficult time deciding whether the cost of a professional photographer is worth it. We recently received photos from a seller that were not the best, to put it politely. Fortunately, the seller took our advice and spent the typical $150 for professional photography. The transformation was breathtaking. Since a picture is worth 1,000 words, we will share fewer words and just let the amateur versus professional pictures stand side by side and let you be the judge:

Amateur Real Estate Photographer:

Just Received Our 100th Customer Review on Google Reviews

Over 100 flat fee MLS home seller reviews on google reviews

Thank you to all the customers who liked our service so much that they reviewed our service. We are proud to announce that we received our 100th review on Google. We have actually been reviewed by well over 100 flat fee home sellers previously, but we lost over 40 reviews when Yahoo decided to sell it review section to a paid review vendor. Unfortunately, that review vendor immediately deleted all the old yahoo reviews when they took over in 2016.


15 Years as a Better Business Bureau Accredited Business

Back in our 5th year of business (2002) we became concerned because we saw lots of sketchy flat fee MLS listing websites popping up. Dissatisfied customers of those websites often called us to ask for help and wondered who they could complain to. We noticed many of those websites getting bad grades by the Better Business Bureau.

Another Sale-Killing Flat Fee MLS Listing Tactic To Watch Out For: The Buyer Agent Commission Payment Hidden Loophole

Imagine if your boss at work asked you to sign a new employment agreement that said “Employee to receive $3,000 per month (or whatever your regular compensation is) via ABC Company, Inc. (your employer's name) but only $1.00 will be guaranteed. Company, Inc. does not guarantee payment of compensation.”

More Good News for Central Ohio Home Sellers-Market Statistics

More Good News from "The Voice for Real Estate in Central Ohio":
"Central Ohio home sales in May were up for the fifth straight month. Residential home sales in May
reached 2,070, up 5.0 percent from the 1,971 sales recorded in May of 2011.
The 7,966 home sales January through May of this year mark a 6.0 percent increase over the 7,451 sales recorded
during the same period last year according to the Columbus Board of REALTORS®.
Homes in central Ohio sold for an average of $167,518 last month which is up 6.3 percent from one year ago.

Less Competition for Central Ohio Sellers-Spring Market Stats

According to the Columbus Board of Realtors:
The number of homes listed for sale over the past two months is lower than the previous year suggesting the market may be beginning to adjust itself. The 3,629 homes added to the market in April were 7.0 percent lower than April of 2011 and the 3,466 new listings in March were 10.4 percent lower than the previous year according to the Columbus Board of REALTORS®.